About Us


Valet Dépôt grew out of a company that already had an intimate knowledge of storage and security. Our sister company, Docu-Dépôt, has provided records and information storage and management solutions to companies in Montréal for over 27 years. During that time, in an environment where privacy protection and corporate compliance is critical, we’ve earned a reputation as the area’s most trusted business storage provider.

We realize that businesses aren’t the only ones with storage space concerns. Families and individuals in homes across the city feel cramped too, especially when living in a region with four distinct seasons. Allocating enough room to store seasonal clothing, household items, and sporting gear all year round is almost impossible. And who has the time to cart stuff back and forth to storage? Then there’s the challenge of finding a facility you trust to safely store your belongings.

We’ve built on our industry expertise by making storage as simple, convenient and secure for Montreal’s residents as we do for its business community. The same facilities, technology and professional staff used for protecting confidential corporate documents and information assets are used to store your seasonal items. You also receive the same personalized, professional service as our corporate clients: We pick up, store and deliver your items so you don’t have to.